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Sunshine Media Miami was born in sunny Miami as a result of Gabor`s photography passion and career.  A creative, dynamic professional team that strive to create memorable experiences for every client. Creating images and videos that reflect your business profile and tailor the content to your needs. Personal, real estate and commercial photography including restaurant and hotels are our specialty but we are here to bring things to the next level! 
We understand the importance of using visual assets to develop your brand and enhance your sales. We produce high quality media that elevates your product, boosts client interest and optimizes your marketability. Allow us to help you grow your brand and stand out amongst the many with our stunning imagery, dynamic business expertise and latest in visual technology. 

The story behind

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Gabor was born and raised in Europe, lived in many cities such as London, Budapest, Marbella, Rome but his home is Miami for a while now. He still remembers from a young age his dad always had a camera ready for any occasion. It was important for him to capture the moments and that’s what he emphasized to the young Gabor. As he grew older he realized what his dad was attempting to do. He wasn’t just taking pictures, he was capturing memories, feelings, the passage of time. The older he got, the more he realized how important it was. In the end all we have are our memories. Although it was not what career path he had initially chosen he realized just how impactful this journey was, he decided to change his life and went in search of inspiration. Having travelled to Hawaii where he spent some time and got most of the inspiration for photography. The beauty of the islands and the amazing views he was able to capture with his camera has changed his life  forever. 

About the Art Shop:

The Art Gallery is a culmination of his experience and epiphany. The art found him and now he continues to find inspiration in sharing his passion with his audience.